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Fishing in a boat on a loch

Fishing Isle of Harris

For the anglers, Finsbay Cottages are in the perfect location to take advantage of a relaxing day Fishing. A permit is required for approximately 100 lochs and lochans through the Bays of Finsbay, Flodabay, and Stockinish systems. The season is usually from April to the end of September. We do not charge for children under 16, although a permit is still required. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and wear a life vest. Sunday is a day of rest on the Island, and fishing for salmon and sea trout is prohibited by law throughout Scotland.

  • Brown trout fishing is permitted from the last Monday in March until 31st October, with the best catch in spring. Please note a weekly tariff of £30 is payable if Brown Trout fishing only is booked on the Finsbay Lochs from March to 31st May.

  • The sea trout runs usually start from June to late September with spawning beginning in November.

  • Arctic Char have been caught in some of the deeper lochs.

  • Brown trout may be kept, but we encourage the return of sea trout. Salmon MUST be returned as we are a category 3 fishery which means catch and release for salmon.

  • Engines can only be used on Haumabhat. 

  • Rowing boats are located on various lochs. All boats are to land only at the appointed places. All other lochs offer bank fishing only. Boats can be moved without notice so please check with the Ghillie. 

  • Safety measures must be observed at all times. These are supplied with the boat and should be requested when obtaining your fishing permit. The fishery is in no way responsible for the welfare of the anglers and gillies, who should provide themselves with lifejackets or other safety equipment and must judge unfavourable weather conditions for themselves.

Thank you for fishing considerately on the island. Please note, individuals are responsible for their own safety and the following matters must be adhered to. If you require a gillie for assistance, this can be arranged with sufficient notice. There is no full-time Ghillie but a part-time Ghillie is available. 

How to fish on Harris


  • Fly fishing only.

  • Release all salmon caught; all other fish can be kept if necessary. We encourage the release of sea trout too!

  • Return fish which are too small back to the water, including Sea trout under 1lb.

  • Details of all catches must be reported to the fishery.

  • Handle the fish with great care, and if you are releasing them, make sure your hands are wet and that you do not squeeze the fish too hard.

  • Fishing is only permitted from the shore or from a drifting boat

  • Flies may be wet or dry and should be within the size range 4 – 16. Patterns recommended for use on the island are Black Pennell, Connemara black, Ally’s Shrimp, Black Shrimp, Red Shrimp, Donegal Blue, Muddler, Silver Stoat, Stoats Tail, Munro Killer, Green Highlander, Greenwell’s Glory. It is difficult to obtain flies in Harris therefore it is recommended you bring your own supplies.

  • A knotless landing net is required especially if you plan to release fish.

  • Use fly rods between 9 and 13 feet with an AFTM rating 6 – 11 and floating lines with or without a sinking tip/sinking cast are recommended.


  • Use barbed hooks on the Island (barbless only).

  • Use double hooks; single hooks must be used from January until June.

  • Damage fences and keep all gates closed.

  • Allow accompanying dogs to run free; dogs must be kept on a lead.

Trout on a line
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