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Man fishing for Trout in Harris

Flodabay Fishing


System 1, the Manish system consists of approximately 35 lochs, both large and small and two separate tributaries to the sea. Most of these lochs can be reached on foot in less than 10 minutes. The furthermost of the lochs is approximately 45 minute’s walk. The main feature of system 1 is the small Loch Vanish which can be reached on foot in about 5 minutes. If you follow the small stream which flows into Flodabay, this will also take you will to Loch Vanish.

On the hillside end of Loch Vanish, there is another stream and if you continue walking along this you will come to Loch Manish after approximately 5 minutes. 

The Manish system

Brown Trout caught in Harris


System 2 of Flodabay Fishing is called the Flodabay system. This flows from Loch Flodabay (the sea loch) and is 5 minutes walk from Flodabay Old Mission House. Loch Flodabay words removed is adjacent to the road. A walk to the end of the loch takes approximately 10 minutes. Please keep to the right side of the loch if you are fishing from the bank or if you are on your way to Loch na Creige Briste. 

Loch Dornail  is located 500 metres further South on a small hill. Please take care not to damage the water pipe which leads from Loch Dornail. There are further lochs, the biggest being Loch Druim nan Staoin. This is approximately 45 minutes on foot from the road and approached by walking straight up the hill and beyond to Loch Dornail. 500 metres further South, between the road and the hill there are six small lochs known as Lochs Cairistiona. The first of these is just behind the road. On the opposite side of the road towards the sea there is another small group of lochs known as Loch Braigh. 

Another 1,000 metres further on and just before the cattle-grid, turn right towards Loch Dubha 1 If you then face away from the sea on the right hand side of Loch Holmasaig and follow the small stream towards the hill and beyond Loch Holmasaig, you will reach Loch Dubha 2 after 20 minutes’ walk, and Loch Dubha 1.

The Flodabay system

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