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Man fishing on the Isle of Harris

Stockinish Fishing

The Stockinish Fishing comprise about 15 lochs of different sizes and two separate systems leading down to the sea. Some of the lochs are close to the road while the furthest is approximately 20 minutes’ walk. The old road provides easy access. 



System 1 of the Stockinish Fishing is called the Lacklee System. This system starts on the hill side of the A859, the main road to the West coast of South Harris where the road to Rodel crosses. The area can be identified by a large electric power station. The name of the first loch on the hill side is Loch nan Learg (over the road), which is approximately 10 minutes’ walk away while Loch Srath Steachran is 300 metres along the A859 towards the west coast below the road. 

These lochs may only be fished from the bank, but there is a boat at Loch Glumradh Beag. To reach Loch Glumradh Beag drive past the power station and you will shortly reach Loch Airigh lain Oig on the left hand side. Further down the road towards Rodel you will find a bridge near the sea, which is where the sea pool is located. A few metres before the bridge, there is a path heading towards the hill. Follow the path and in approximately 5 minutes you will come to Loch Glumradh Beag and a boat. Please take care to not damage the fences and to close all gates as you go through them. Loch Glumradh Mor, a narrow, long loch connects to the middle of Loch Glumradh Beag on the left hand side. If you fish up the burn on the right of Loch Glumradh Beag, you will come to Loch Chnoic Mhoir.

Lacklee system

Trout in a loch in Harris


System 2 of the Stockinish Fishing is called the Creavat system and is situated by the Two Waters lodge. The fishing starts behind the bridge where there is a small private road going downhill. On the left where the road begins is Loch Saile, a tidal loch which can also be fished.


Fly fishing for Sea trout is also possible in the estuaries.  If you are walking on to Loch Creavat you can park your car here, but please take care to park considerately and ask permission if necessary. Take the path or follow the line of the stream up and in approximately 10 minutes you will reach a small unnamed Loch, then 5 minutes later Loch Creavat. The pools in the burn and the small Loch can be fished and there is a boat on Loch Creavat. At the present both above systems hold Seatrout and Brown Trout. If you drive from Cliff Cottage in direction of Tarbert, it will take you about 5 to 10 minutes to get to System 2 of the Stockinish System.

Creavat system

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