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Man fishing from boat in Harris


The Island has its own mapping system for the fishing of lochs.

This is made up of several systems:


Huamavat System

Abahain na Cyste System

Flodabay System 1 and 2

Stockinish System 1 and 2

Finsbay Fishing

Lochs in Harris

Huamavat System

The Huamavat System includes the sea pool beside the old Lodge (now demolished) where the fishing hut is currently located and Loch Holmasaig on the opposite side of the road. This is connected by a burn to Loch Dempster, which is the first only freshwater loch in the system.


Continuing upstream past the small stream at the end of Loch Holmasaig is Loch Dubha 2 and then on the left hand side, Loch Dubha 1. These lochs have boats which require a fishing permit.

The Loch Fin is located to the right of Loch Dubha 2.


Continuing past Loch Fin towards the hills is Loch Rogavat. This is a good sized loch, all of which is fishable. From the fishing hut on the way to Manish (approximately 1 mile), you will find the Huamavat System’s largest loch, Loch Huamavat.


Here there are 3 boats, one of which is accessible and especially suitable for disabled fishers. If you continue past the end of Loch Huamavat up the burn for a short distance, you will reach Loch Malcolm and beyond that Loch Cross.


Continuing up the burn are the Hill Lochs which can be fished: Loch Curtains and Loch Robert on the left and Loch Uamh nan Cnaimh and an unnamed loch on the right. Going further still in the direction of the hills and veering towards the left, you will reach Loch Rogavat.

Trout caught in Harris
Trout on the line
Man looking out over rocky Harris landscape
Abahain Cyste System


Abahain na Cyste System includes a gentle sea pool located approximately five minutes’ walk from the fishing hut and in the direction of Rodel, with another good pool further up accessible by the boat by the road. There is a strong drift towards the sea when the tide changes, so please take great care.

Loch Meurach 1 and 2 can be reached by foot, follow the burn upstream, or by car by driving to the signpost for Leverburgh marked Loch Meurach 1 and 2.


From here, it is five minutes’ walk to Loch Meurach 1 and a further five minutes to Loch Meurach 2, the larger of the two lochs. There is a boat located in the right hand corner of Loch Meurach.


A further five minute walk will take you to Loch Clachain. When the water is high, there is a beautiful waterfall and a good pool at the seaward end of this loch.


The intervening lochs along the line of the burn can also be fished – Loch Duncan, Loch James, Loch Sandy and Loch Alistair.

This system has availability for 10 rods to catch salmon, seatrout and brown trout. Bookings can be made online.

Man fishing at Sunset in Finsbay
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